The Battle of Spirits: Whiskey vs. Brandy

Unless you are an alcoholic, you, just like the rest of the world, drink alcohol during the most memorable occasions in your life. You drink to celebrate when you are happy. You drink to drown out the sorrow when you are sad. You drink to meet other people. You drink. The bottom line here is that drinking alcohol is an age old tradition. It has become part of countless cultures all over the world.

However, part of that tradition as well is the age-old battle that could never be answered by those who drink. Indeed, the battle between whiskey and brandy comparing their similarities, differences and which one is better has been discussed by many people since time immemorial.

To begin with, the two are made from two entirely different ingredients. Brandy is made from fruits, while whiskey is made from grains. An ordinary brandy drink is pretty much like wine, except that wine has more water content, thus making brandies have higher alcohol content as compared to wines. Whiskey, on the other hand is made from fermenting mashed corn, as well as other grains like, wheat, barley, rye and even rice.

The similarities are based solely on their color, which is what they get after being fermented in oak barrels that have been used over time and have been charred by flame. This is also the main reason why some of the best brandy in the world is called burnt wine because essentially, that is what it is. Overall, the brandy vs. whiskey battle does not really matter since it all boils down to a matter of taste. These beverages are not made from the same ingredients so it is futile to compare the taste of the two. Although it can be fairly concluded that both are revered for their great taste as an after dinner drink.